Vision & Mission

As part of the New Tech Network, Sheppard Middle School & its supporting community will use Project Based Learning & advanced technology to prepare and inspire its students to become active and engaged learners in pursuit of  academic success, global citizenship, higher education, & careers of their choosing.

Core Instructional Components: 

●    Project Based Learning (PBL)

Students learn through a specific methodical research based learning experience in which they build their knowledge through research, experience, collaboration and creativity.

●    New Tech Network (NTN)

As part of a 200 school national network, Sheppard staff and students utilize advanced technology  to solve problems and learn.  Sheppard staff is on a continuous professional development path in learning the latest and most useful educational apps.

●    Verizon Innovative Learning School (VILS)

As recipients of the Verizon grant, every student and teacher is assigned an iPad that they will use for the entire school year.  Students will take home their iPads daily as part of “our around the clock” learning goal.