Family Engagement

Family Engagement Earners Program PDF

Sponsored by School Linked Services, Funded by Measure A                                                                                                                            

  • 15   Hours     SMS Gear Pack
    • Includes SMS gear, raffle ticket & a free dress pass for your child!
  • 20 Hours       Family Fun Picnic
    • You and your child will be treated to a festive picnic lunch at SMS!
  • 25 Hours       Family Field Trip
    • You and your child will earn an all-expense paid Family Field Trip!!!!  
  • 30 Hours   MVP Parent Jersey
    • Proudly wear your Majorly Valued Parent jersey in the community!
  • 50 Hours   SMS Parent Hoodie

Earn awesome prizes and unique opportunities for your family.  Parents are awarded in the Fall and Spring for hours served.  Hours are recorded every time a parent attends a meeting, workshop or training, & for volunteering, chaperoning, etc.  Call the front office 408-982-8800 if you have any questions.